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Homeless Night Guards (2009)

This film "The Homeless Night Guards" is concerned with urban developments in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn. It portraits two street people, German and James and their role in the real estate development. It also highlights the rapid change of the urban landscape, of gentrification, migration, the transformations of Brooklyn's diverse geography. These two homeless are hired to guard the construction work over night of warehouse into loft apartments. They mostly do this service for free as service returned they allowed to stay in front of the buidling over night.

These are global issues of fast-pace of change, economically, ecologically and within the personal dominion. Uniquely, the work deals with issues of city development, not in an investigative or journalistic form, but from the viewpoint of the citizen, observing their sense of personal preception. Societal change is most glaring when perceived with an eye for detail, for the hidden and concealed, for the forgotten stories of those blindsided by advantage. I hope for this project to stir discussion and contemplation of the unconventional, the pursuit of security, material gains and personal autonomy.